Analyzing the reality that we live in, and testing the biggest experiment that a human being can perform. (+ Loving Kindness Practice)

01 Jun 2010

The beginning of this afternoon’s lecture is a stunning, wisdom-packed reflection on the analysis of our own world view. Alan starts by giving an overview of some of the predominant world views, from the individual vantage points of physics, biology, Abrahamic religions (Christianism, Judaism, Islam), and contemplative practices, ultimately culminating in an explanation of the Buddhist view.

He gives a brief but very precise reflection on Karma, Theravada, and Mahayana views, and then proposes a profound hypothesis, probably the most profound hypothesis that we can test personally: In Buddhism it has been observed throught millenia that as we orient ourselves with reality, with genuine happiness and liberation/enlightenment of both ourselves and others, reality rises up to help out. In other words, reality seems to align itself so that the conditions necessary for finding genuine happiness (a.k.a: finding reality as it is) present themselves to us when our motivation is clear and we develop a sincere and profound yearning for this (as opposed to having yearning for hedonic, materialist success and pleasure where we literally are dominated mostly by luck, chance and doing our best).
With the very real posibility of testing this hypothesis in our lifes by using simple observation, we glide into a profound Loving Kindness practice, yearning to achieve our most meaningful aspirations.

Post-practice, we have a few very interesting questions on the topics of “getting real” and what that means on all stages (from deep sleep to waking life), non conceptuality, and the relationship between Shamatha practice and sleep.

I took this photo right as we were exiting the teaching hall. I know we are not in Awareness of Awareness yet but hey, by now you probably know that I can’t resist amazing sunsets!

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