Awareness of Awareness: Probing into why we exist (the other side of the equation)

20 May 2010

Alan “kickstarted” this morning [because he likes that word so much ;) ] with a healthy dose of Physics. He started talking about the following article from NYT: , which claims to uncover a new clue as to why we exist. Appreciating the enormous scientific value of this article, we realize the truth of the statement “ask a physical question and you’ll receive a physical answer.” We go back into the analysis of the relationship between the observer and matter, going into a “strange loop” of which came before the other, ending in mutual interdependence.

Alan then masterfully creates a seamless link between this introduction and the practice of Awareness of Awareness. While these brilliant scientists at FERMI (and soon CERN!) are deeply investigating why we exist from the material point of view, we brilliant contemplatives are investigating why we exist by probing into the very nature of consciousness (without which there would be no physics and no physical theories, incidentally).
Oh, and by the way, this can be done for free!

Today’s awareness of awareness “sky” picture [I know I cheated a little bit] is called “A Clash of Clusters” and shows striking evidence of Dark Matter (and even maps it in blue). For more info:
Credit: Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CXC, M. Bradac (University of California, Santa Barbara), and S. Allen (Stanford University)

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