[Bonus] Alan’s Ideal (and possible) Vision of Buddhism and Contemplative Science in the next 10-15 years

02 May 2010

In this bonus podcast, B. Alan Wallace is asked about his ideal vision of Buddhism and Contemplative Science in “The West” (or modernity) for the next 10-15 years. Alan first describes his own term, “Contemplative Science,” and then gets going on a very inspiring and precise view of how this can be absolutely groundbreaking for science and humanity in general.
Can we penetrate and break through to knowing reality? Taking it out of the realm of metaphysics, religion, or theory, but actually putting it to the test and knowing?
I wont say more in order to not ruin Alan’s response, but if you are interested in Buddhism, Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Brain Science, Philosophy, or Science in general, this is really worth a listen. It’s not technical at all, and gives a very expository view of the unfortunate status quo of the previously mentioned branches of science. You know that sunday bonuses don’t fail to deliver so just listen!

The photo is another great sky from Rosa here at the mind centre!

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