Combining Compassion and Loving Kindness: An Enriched Tonglen

17 May 2010

Today as the title suggests we combined Compassion and Loving kindness into a practice of Tonglen. Furthermore, we incorporated the four modes of enlightened acvitity, using each one where needed, and in the visualization we let the light or energy sent out with the breath take the form of whatever is actually needed in the situation (not just necessary a generic light of compassion/loving kindness) and tinted it with the respective enlightened acvitity color. Whew!

After the mostly silent practice, we went into a diverse Q&A session which got very interesting and set the stage for tomorrow’s talk on death, the bardo, and dream yoga.
Among the topics for the Q&A are the length of sessions and how to manage it for the greatest benefit, the great question of “Time,” specifically the relative qualities of time and how they can and do manifest daily in our Shamatha practice. Of course this also gave Alan the chance to go into the explanation of time in the substrate conciousness, and in the innate mind of clear light. And to top things off, Alan went cosmic for a few minutes into the mainstream science theory of frozen time which arises from quantum cosmology (applying the Schrödinger equation to the entire universe). Then Alan answered a question/analysis about the Dalai Lama’s next reincarnation possibilities, and the last 20 minutes of the podcast were the start of an answer about the bardo, which will continue tomorrow.

Enjoy (along with this beautiful photo from Sara!)

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