Compassion: Arousing the Heart (And a strong reflection on modern Dharma practice)

30 Apr 2010

Tonight we had a 5 minute introduction to the practice of Compassion and how to do it properly, as well as a reflection on the effect of Tonglen.
Afterwards we go straight to the practice.

After the meditation there is a question that a group of people had. The question was about not losing touch with Dharma even though we might get swamped with mundane tasks. I think this applies to many of us.

Alan first gives a striking “bad-cop” approach to a part of the question talking about priorities. It makes a lot of sense. Then comes the real question about not separating from Dharma and alan gives a profoundly inspiring response which I believe might be very interesting and motivating to many of us all over the world (as well as the “bad-cop response”)

I stripped the last part of the podcast but don’t worry, I won’t make you wait till Sunday! I’ll upload it right after this one and it deals with how to approach a conversation about the relationship of mind and brain. A favorite!

Guess who took the picture and where it’s from!

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