Compassion: Freedom from the three levels of suffering

15 May 2010

Today we came back to the meditative cultivation of Compassion (to use the correct phrase) and had an introduction directly related to the practice in order to have less words interjected afterwards. The introduction also talks about the three levels of suffering: blatant suffering, suffering of change, and suffering of conditioned existence.

After the succinct practice Alan gave yet another add-on to the bonus that will go out on Sunday. I will add it to the Sunday podcast but I left it here anyway. There is also an assorted Q&A session including posture, information, mundane questions (such as where to find Dharma books for kids) and more deep, religious questions (such as dream teachings), and the buddhist perspective of sleep paralysis. Oh, and lest I forget: Alan recites some Simon & Garfunkel.(I sure know how to market these podcasts don’t I!)

Enjoy! (along with this photo from our talented photographer Daniela).

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