Compassion: Going into Deep Waters

03 May 2010

Alan starts with an introduction on “episodic compassion” and how easy it can be to feel contempt and superiority towards the people committing injustices according to us without looking at all of the perspectives.
This practice of compassion focuses both on the victims of other people’s behavior and on the “victimizers,” who themselves are victims of their own strong mental afflictions.

After the meditation we had some assorted Q&A about practice and I think I already have my Sunday bonus for this week although it’s only monday! There was a great question by our deep-question expert Noah along the lines of why won’t a yogi just display paranormal abilities in a massive event to “kickstart” the revolution of the mind sciences. The discussion that follows is extremely interesting and engaging, so I guarantee your Sunday this week won’t be boring, although your monday may be tinged with the mental affliction of resentment towards me because of how I left this episode as a “to-be-continued” cliffhanger! A great opportunity to practice compassion =)

By the way, sorry for the technical problems you may or may not have had recently, the internet here went down and I am in the process of fixing everything! That is why you may notice little weird things here and there (such as all of your great comments disappearing forever, boo). And finally this is another great photo from Ale’s travels!

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