Empathetic Joy (Silent Meditation), Q&A

19 May 2010

This afternoon the meditation was 100% silent. Even the introduction lasts around 20 seconds!
I cut out the 24 minutes of silence in order to make this a smaller download. You can click pause and do your own Empathetic Joy meditation! For reference, go to the previous podcasts. After the meditation we had a power outage which cut out a chunk of a very interesting question. The power came on and off a few times, and I cut the long parts when the power was out (and thus we had no recording).

Among the questions covered in this podcast are: Not fusing mental events with the referent (Alan gave a VERY clear answer, very useful for those practicing Settling the Mind[ ]...), some clarification about the acquired sign in Breath Awareness (and more on this air-element symbol), and then a long question about many aspects of Shamatha, both practical, historic, and theoric, and finally from that question arose Alan’s description of his proposal: A Buddhism Renaissance, coming back to the core teachings and not simply “riding the wave” of tradition and losing touch with the true wisdom.

Download (M4A / 29 MB)


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