Entering the Great Path of the Bodhisattvas

29 May 2010

In this afternoon’s marvelous introduction, Alan talks about The Great Path of the Bodhisattvas, comparing it to a Freeway (using the American term). Using this very accurate analogy he talks about getting on the fast lane, and never getting off (until we reach the common destination). A very inspiring introduction!

After a thirty minute silent session, we go into some very interesting Q&A. Among the topics covered we have a quick question about the breath as the body settles during the practice, and then a very interesting question about Merit. If you have any doubts or would like a refresh on this topic, I really recommend this part of the lecture. Alan covers all of the bases, from the basic act of helping someone with any little thing, to realizing emptiness. He talks about how it can be gained, lost, and how it can be used for many things, incorporating the story of Śāriputra (how he realized Nirvana after hearing a short phrase) and what role Merit played in it.

Throughout the entire lecture and up to the ending, Alan goes back to his original example about this Great Path, highway, freeway, autopista, carretera, autobahn, autostrada, autosnelweg, ทางหลวง, 高速道路, 公路, हाइवे, автострада, of the Bodhisattvaas. As I was writing this description I realized that my laptop’s desktop background, which I have had for months, seemed to fit this podcast perfectly. Granted, it’s not an autobahn, and it’s not as full of Bodhisattva’s as we’d like it to be, but it certainly gives the feeling "the road is all yours.”
Go for it!

Credit: Trey Ratcliff (amazing photogapher, uses the HDR technique!)

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