Four Immeasurables: Using our anti-affliction arsenal correctly

24 May 2010

This afternoon we started with a very practical introduction on how to draw from the 4I throughout the course of a normal day in our life after the retreat if we are not going into full time practice. To use an incorrect (but illustrative) phrase, going back to the “real world.” It includes a review on how to identify when and which of the Four Immeasurables are needed and on how to correctly apply them in day-to-day mundane life. The practice itself was silent, but I left it in for coherence.

The outro includes a brief summary on the gradient of nuances with which we can practice each of the Four Immeasurables. There is a mode of practice for everyone!
There were also two great questions, the first of which I have taken out with the goal of making your Sunday a fun day. The second question deals with the “pulses” of cognition that are described both in Buddhist psychology and in modern scientific research. Alan overviews how they interact, conglomerate, scatter, etc, and how our Shamatha practice “controls” these pulses of attention. An extremely interesting topic.

The photo stems from my lack of creativity, this is our great Shamatha manual from which the questions about the attention pulses came from! A must-have.

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