Full Body Awareness: The Importance of Relaxation (and a reflection on anxiety its status quo in modern society)

09 May 2010

This session was the first of the meditations with less spoken guidance. However, Alan made up for it with the great introduction and outro!

The talks are based on the importance of looking for genuine happiness, focusing on the more and more common condition of “General Anxiety,” (or reality-based anxiety) its causes, and how society is depending on more and more brain drugs to band-aid the symptoms. The outro is particularly enriching; it details how a cooperation between the Pharmaceutical Industry (which can be absolutely necessary), Psychiatrists (talk treatment), and Dharma could work in synergy towards a real focus on healing the mind on all levels.

This local photo is courtesy of Daniela.

Last but certainly not least, happy mothers day weekend! We love you and miss you mothers!

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