Loving Kindness: Ready to Launch

11 May 2010

In the introduction, Alan talks about Loving Kindness and how it is an aspiration and not a feeling (although it certainly comes with a feeling). He also talks about achieving Shamatha by method of non-discursive meditation on the apspiration of Loving Kindness (developing stability and vividness).

After the practice we had an explanation of moving loving kindness into “enemy territory,” talked briefly about the concept of “enemy,” and saw how Loving Kindness can (and needs to) grow ultimately.

Today I did something unusual in that I split the podcast into three. I won’t be releasing them on Sunday this time (I am sending out the three at the same time), but I felt they were themes that a lot of people are interested in, and it would be handy to have them as stand-alone episodes. So don’t be scared when you get 4 podcast updates today! It’s actually the usual daily 2 with the afternoon one split into 3.

This local photo is from Daniela.

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