[Message From Alan] Science and Buddhism Colloquium at University of Oxford

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12 May 2010

Alan is happy to announce that the videos are now available from the “Science and Buddhism” colloquium at the University of Oxford, sponsored by the Physiology Department and the Oriental Institute of the University of Oxford, the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, and the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, March, 2010. The videos are accessible from the main website of voices from oxford: http://www.VoicesfromOxford.org/

To go to the section on Buddhism and Science directly, click here: http://www.voicesfromoxford.org/B-S-Introduction.html

Here is the introductory video from the Voices of Oxford Youtube Channel:

“This seminal series of videos was recorded during a 2-day colloquium on Buddhism and Science at Oxford University involving leading scientists, philosophers, Buddhist scholars and Buddhist practitioners in deep debate on the perceived convergence of modern science (relativity theory, quantum mechanics, systems biology, cognitive psychology, clinical science) with some of the traditional ideas of Buddhism (anti-metaphysical stance, interdependence, emptiness, no-self). The colloquium was organised by Vesna Wallace (Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies at Oxford), Denis Noble (Emeritus Professor of Physiology) and Alan Wallace (Director of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies). In addition to the introduction, there are 11 30-minute recordings. The debates are lively and critical.”


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