Revisiting the Infirmary for the Last Time!

31 May 2010

I’ll try not to title all of the Shamatha episodes from today onwards with the phrase “for the last time,” although we have come to the final cycle of the teachings!
My descriptions for these morning practices will really not be very verbose since it’s the fourth time (or so) I podcast the full-body awareness practice.

So if you are new to the podcast, I really suggest listening to the first practices back from April. The descriptions and the practices themselves are much more throughly explained. But I’ll keep uploading this cycle just so you have more practices to choose from in your Shamatha podcast arsenal!

This mostly unrelated photo of a nearby pineapple-to-be was provided by Sanjay. If you have never seen pineapples growing I must say it’s quite a sight to behold! Here is another example of a more matured pineapple: . There are fields and fields of those around the mind centre...

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