[Video] A Message From Alan: Join the Mailing List!

02 May 2010

No, it’s not a side effect of your intense daily meditation — in this podcast the picture actually moves! That is to say, it’s a video!

With the help of David Cherniack, we were able to record Alan’s quick message.

As you can see, we have created a mailing list for information, news, and retreat information all regarding the Mind Centre here in Phuket. Please note that this is different from the podcast daily updates that you might have subscribed to. In other words, if you subscribe to the mailing list, you won’t be getting the daily podcast emails, so don’t worry! Some of you sharp-eyed folks may see that it looks a lot like the SBI mailing list registration, however please note the following message from SBI:

If you are already on SBI’s mailing list, but wish to also be on the Phuket list, you may subscribe again and click on “Phuket Mind Centre News & Updates.”  That will put you on both lists. If you are not already on SBI’s mailing list, you may subscribe and then choose to join General Interest or just the “Phuket Mind Centre News & Updates” list. 

So if you want to join the mailing list (or view the video in its full HD glory) please visit the website, or for those of you reading this on the website feel free to click the following beautiful, stylish Web 2.0 button:

I should probably also add that David had nothing to do with the extremely cheesy introduction to the video. He is a great filmmaker (I highly recommend his film “The Oracle” about the Tibetan Oracles), and he will most likely frown at me when he sees the introduction to this video, of which I admit I am guilty! So don’t take that very seriously.

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