16 Sep 2014

In this meditation session, we expand the field of loving-kindness, starting from the sangha listening by podcast into the boundlessness of space.

Guided meditation starts at 05:20 min

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Opens with Alan and the class chanting The Seven Line Prayer and Mantras in Tibetan

Transcriptionist note: The Seven Line Prayer and Mantras are written and included here in both Tibetan and English.

In the northwest frontier of Oddiyana,

In the heart of a lotus

Sits the one renowned as Padmasambhava,

Who achieved the wondrous supreme siddhi,

And is surrounded by a host of many dakinis.

Following in your footsteps, I devote myself to practice.

Please come forth and bestow your blessings.


[1:51] chant ends, Alan continues and whispers in Tibetan

[4:20-4:22] [ Tibetan] OM AH HUM GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG

[4:52] If you’d like to switch positions, do so now.

[5:22] meditation bell

[5:38] As there maybe something like 40 persons listening to these teachings, participating in these teachings, engaging in the meditations. 40 listening by podcast for everyone who’s here with me in person in Phuket. I will focus this meditation on you, around the world. You are the focus of my attention and anybody else who is listening in.

[6:15] Settle your body, speech and mind in their natural state. Set yourself at ease.

[7:07] And for those listening with faith and reverence for Guru Rinpoche, who have merged the body, speech, and mind with the mind, speech, and body of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, the late born Vajra. And rest your awareness there, in the center of your heart, the core of your being, your own pristine awareness. And listen to your own voice, your own voice, the voice of Guru Rinpoche, guide you in this practice. Look for no Buddha outside yourself. And let the Buddha within bring you home. Rest your, rest your awareness for a moment without objects.

[8:58] And now turn your attention away from the world of actuality, the world that is already around about you, the world of your ordinary body and mind. And turn your attention to the world of possibility, of potential, that which could be. And in this field of infinite potential bring to mind your own vision, of your own flourishing.

[10:38] Bring to mind the vision of freedom. Bring to mind the vision of awakening, perfect awakening, for the sake of all sentient beings without exception. And now with each out breath, breathe life into this vision. As from your heart, this incandescent radiant white orb at your heart. A cascade of light, light rays flowing out in all directions, permeate your body, pervade your mind, every aspect of your being with every out breath arousing this yearning. This yearning of loving-kindness, may I be truly be well and happy, may I cultivate the causes of perfect awakening, for the sake of all sentient beings. And fill your body and mind with this light. And imagine it to be so, here and now. Imagine the realization of your heart’s desire. Imagine your body, your body/mind filled to supersaturation, filled to overflowing, with this light of loving-kindness, this light of genuine well being, and imagine like a incandescent radiant white energy field surrounding your body, with each out breath imagine this now expanding, filling the space around you. Again as I speak to you listening by podcast I’m excluding no one but you are the focus of my attention, wherever you may be. Whether you’re listening to this shortly after these teachings, or a year or two years or later than that after these teachings, wherever you are, you are the focus of my attention. Fill the space around you, with this light of loving-kindness, create a field of benevolence all around you, for which you are the epicenter, you are the source, you are the center of your mandala.

[15:47] With every out breath gently, gradually expand this sphere of light and if you’re meditating at home let this light embrace every person in your home, every sentient being in your home, and with every out breath wish them well, whatever troubles they may be going through physical, or psychological or spiritual, wish them well. Every sentient being, above you and beneath, and all around about, to the sides, wish each one well. May you find the happiness that is your heart’s desire, your deepest longing, your eternal longing. May you find what you’re seeking and may you cultivate the causes to enable you to do so. Expand the field wherever you are, for those in the surrounding area, perhaps your neighbors, perhaps you’re listening in some other place away from home, there are sentient beings around you, each one like yourself wishing for happiness, wishing for fulfillment, join their desires. May each one be well and happy.

[18:52] Continue to expand this sphere of loving kindness, embracing all sentient beings, humans, animals and any other sentient beings who might dwell within this sphere. Cherishing each one like yourself, no one more important than another, no one more precious than another. Cherish them all as you do yourself. And with each out breath as you arouse this aspiration, imagine embracing them, suffusing them, suffusing them with this light and imagine here and now they realize this greatest fulfilment that is their heart’s desire, their innermost desire. Imagine each one finding freedom and awakening.

[20:51] Again I tell you, you are the center of my awareness, the focus of my awareness and as you expand this field of loving kindness around you let each one around you, in this ever expanding field, be the focus and the center of your awareness.

[22:09] Expand the space of your awareness like you’ve never done before. What’s to hold you back? The limits are self imposed, of your own creation, break down the barriers, and exclude no one, no one deserves to be excluded.

Continue expanding out over the countryside, out over the continent. This source of light at your heart is inexhaustible, fathomless. It will never be depleted. Fill the space. May we all find freedom, may we all awaken. And in this field of possibility, this field of infinite potential, imagine it to be so, here and now. Let the sphere of your awareness embrace the sphere of our world, this planet earth, our only home for the time being. Saturate it with your light. Expand further out across the solar system to any sentient beings who might possibly inhabit this region of space, may you be free, may you awaken.

[26:16] Expand, let there be no limits, expand this field out across the entire galaxy. What’s to stop you? And all the beings who inhabit it, these billions upon billions of worlds, may you all be free and may you all awaken. And finally out upon the vast immeasurable space with all its hundred billion galaxies, exclude no one wherever there are sentient beings, sentient beings like us, may you be free, may you awaken and imagine it to be so here and now in all possible worlds. May we all be free, may we all awaken, space with no boundary, all pervaded by light.

[28:12] Release all appearances, release all objects of mind, release space itself. Rest with no object or subject, just awareness.

[29:22] meditation bells

Transcribed by KrissKringle Sprinkle

Revised by Rafael Carlos Giusti

Final edition by Cheri Langston


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