03 Sep 2011

Alan introduces the 3rd immeasurable: empathetic joy, defined as taking delight in virtues of oneself and others. While an antidote to grief and general negativity in life, beware of pride which elevates oneself above others.

Meditation (31:09):
From your early childhood through the present, bring to mind those who have treated you well and enriched your life. Invoke a feeling of gratitude and gladness as you recall others’ virtue.
From your early childhood through the present, bring to mind what you have brought to others. Take delight in your own virtue, without slipping into pride.

Q&A (55:47):
Q1) Are bursts of creativity during meditation nyams? And if so, should we not follow through on them?
Q2) During awareness of awareness, can I remind myself with „knowing“ and „aware“?
Q3) Can we be in one stage in one method and another stage in another method?
Q4) Should we release inner guidance when it comes up?
Q5) Is it possible to be at different stages at different times?
Q6) In the Vajrayana, one brings the energies into the central channel in order to realize the dharmakaya. What’s the relationship to settling the body, speech, and mind in their natural state?
Q7) In settling the mind in its natural state, I felt happy that images were appearing and wanted to manipulate them.

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