55 Shamatha without a sign, part 1

27 Sep 2011

Many people have expressed confusion about this practice, probably because of looking for something to happen that isn’t happening. Therefore, they miss what is happening.
The basic practice is something you already know: being aware of being aware. You know when you are aware. Begin there. The oscillation is between being aware of your own awareness and releasing into something brighter, emptier, non-conceptual, and of no objects. You can mount the oscillation on your breath at first and then do it at your own pace. But release the oscillation in the middle. Let it rest in its own place. It is the best approximation of the substrate consciousness.
Meditation starts at 47:35

Q & A (72:32):
Is the dark near attainment before the clear light of death the same as the substrate?
Let’s say my girlfriend wants to dance and I don’t. What would be examples of the applications of the Four Immeasurables in this circumstance?
What is dream yoga and what is it for?

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