02 Motivation and Seven-Point Mind Training

04 Sep 2013

Guided meditation to take stock of each person’s specific and unique reasons for coming here. Four fold vision quest to answer these four questions:
What is your own unique vision of a meaningful life? Alan provides definitions of the terms hedonic pleasure and eudemonic pleasure – terms he uses frequently.
Holding in mind your vision of a meaningful life, what would you like to receive from the world around you?
How would you like to transform yourself?
What would you like to offer the world around you?

After the mediation Alan provides a brief overview of the Seven-Point Mind Training by Atisha. He provides the lineage of the text and a moving story of the individual from whom he received these teachings.
First line – First train in the preliminaries
The four ways of shifting your perspective starting with meditation on the preciousness and rarity of the human life. Discussion of a radical shift of perspective in science which is a one way door – no way to return to the prior perspective – Galileo, Darwin and Einstein.
Question: What is the name of this training? Lojong
Alan discusses the discovery approach of Dzogchen – how to stop doing stuff as opposed to doing more. Relinquishing all control of the breath has a very healing quality.
Homework – Develop a smooth and restful transition from the waking state to the sleeping. In the supine position, let awareness become grounded in the whole body. As soon as you feel you start to loose clarity, shift position to fall asleep.

Meditation starts at: 17:53

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