04 Mindfulness of breathing and Precious Human Rebirth

04 Sep 2013

Balance of learning how to unwind the body and mind so they are at ease, allowing yourself this freedom, whilst still maintaining the clarity. That’s a skill! Recognising that we are free for the next 24 minutes, we have leisure and no obligations. Additionally we have the opportunity to know how to make this leisure time most meaningful.

First line of the text ‘First train in the preliminaries’. This refers to four, the first of which is covered in this session. Each of the preliminaries, shift our very perspective, a revolution. First of the four thoughts that turn the mind, inner revolution - all about a life of leisure and opportunity, the precious human rebirth. This life of leisure and opportunity is more precious than a wish fulfilling jewel.

Alan, also spoke on the Alia (spp?) project. He discussed a scientific methodology that could test the validity of Shamatha realisation, based on the recollection of previously measured experiences from a persons life, such as meals eaten in the previous years. Based on the results of this experiment, the validity of past lives could be analysed.

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