06 Sep 2013

The third phase of mindfulness of breathing is discussed before entering into the guided meditation. This third phase is a classical Theravada method in which the focus is directed to the tactile sensations of the breath at the apertures of the nostrils.
Alan emphasises again the qualities of relaxation, stability and clarity and their synergy which feeds the meditative cultivation of attention.
After the meditation, we return to the four thoughts that turn the mind. First impermanence is further discussed, in particular the issues of old age, sickness and death. Subsequently, Alan goes deeper into the issue of the moment of death and the relevance of Dharma practice. Finally, the third thought that turns the mind is discussed: the unsatisfying nature of Samsara. A connection is made with the first two noble truths plus the question “how can we be of service?” is further elaborated on.
Meditation starts at: 18:38

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