13 Settling the Mind in its Natural State

10 Sep 2013

Our usual mode of thinking is obsessive because of an involuntary flow of thoughts. It is compulsive because our attention is drawn in by the thoughts and delusional because we think whatever we are thinking is true. Mindfulness of breathing cuts this disorder right at the start by stopping the obsessive thoughts.

Resting the mind in its natural state allows this obsessive flow of thoughts to flow. This mediation can develop lucidity in the waking state. In a lucid dream there is no possibility of harm to you as you know it is a dream. Likewise the events arising in the mind have no power over us unless we identify with them. When you are lucid to whatever arises in the mind, when mental afflictions arise, if you don’t identify with them they dissipate.

Lojong – the lucidity of shamatha allows you to shape your thoughts the way you can shape a lucid dream – you can shape everything in your mind to Bodhicitta.

Alan gave a short story about Milarepa in the rain.

Meditation starts at: 23:45

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