17 Settling the Mind in its Natural State

12 Sep 2013

Observer participance: In the practice of settling the mind in its natural state, awareness is in the space of the mind entangled with what we are observing, so it is bound to have an affect. The act of observing events seems to make them go away.

Some objects appear simultaneously - in real time - if we generate an image of a walnut and focus on the image, for example. Some only retrospectively, like being sad when it is raining, “the rain makes me feel so sad”, then once we are aware of the sadness, it gone. Anger/aversion arise as long as being fed but as soon as focus on the emotion, it disappears. Interesting! Welcome to your mind.

Post meditation: Alan addresses questions on 1) the difference between the space of the mind and sense consciousness and 2) observing events in the space of the mind vs going with them. He also dispels a misunderstanding about ‘open awareness’ being Shamatha (or Vippassana).

Meditation starts at: 14:20

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