20 Settling the Mind in Its Natural State and Unborn Awareness

13 Sep 2013

The guided meditation is settling the mind in its natural state. Before this meditation starts, Dr. Wallace points out the two types of vividness (qualitative and temporal) and the continuity of stability.
After the meditation, we go back to the Seven Point Mind Training. The aphorism “Examine the unborn nature of awareness” is discussed.
From the Pali perspective, Dr. Wallace talks about the issue of the culmination of the path (realisation of Nirvana) for an arhat.
Next, some quotes from Mahayana Sutras, including one by Nagarjuna.
Finally we go into Dzogchen perspective in which a section of the Vajra Essence from Dudjom Lingpa is quoted.

Meditation starts at: 5:56

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