21 Settling the mind in its natural state and gentle vase breathing

14 Sep 2013

Today is the last day in the cycle of settling the mind in its natural state. Before the practice, Alan introduces one complimentary practice called gentle vase breathing to be used along the settling the mind in its natural state practice. The purpose of it is to support the settling the mind in its natural state by allowing prana accumulated in the naval chakra to flow more easily and to further strengthen samadhi. Gentle vase breathing is meant for the upright sitting position and its function is to loosen up the belly while bringing in more spaciousness to the area. It also promotes deeper relaxation. To do so, we hold a pot-like shape of the belly during both the in- and out-breath. The practice is optional, meant to augment the settling the mind in its natural state, for those who find it beneficial. After the practice, Alan addresses two questions: one on the role of prayer and another on the possibility to develop samadhi while living a fully engaged life.

Meditation starts at: 8:57

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