27 Shamatha Without a Sign - Padmasambhava instructions

18 Sep 2013

Alan goes straight into the practice. He reads Padmasambhava’s instructions direct from text with a little commentary.

Alan gives Padmasambhava’s concluding paragraph, ‘summing it up’. He explains that next the text goes directly into Vipassana, dream yoga and Dzogchen (not discussed in this session). He reiterates the importance of Shamatha as a foundation to give stability to ‘breakthrough’ experiences one may have when receiving teachings from great masters.

Question re: the use of the eye mask for this practice.
Question re: inverting the mind back, as described in the 3rd Mindfulness - absence of mindfulness, in being similar to this practice.

Alan discusses how he submitted notes on ‘the illusions of knowledge in the mind sciences’ to a particular editor (not named), showing there is no compelling evidence at all of the materialistic equations of mind with brain, or compelling reason. An unfavourable response to it being published was received.

Meditation starts at: 00:34

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