28 Shamatha Without a Sign and text, up to the end of Ultimate Bodhicitta

18 Sep 2013

Alan goes straight into the meditation practice.

Alan states that ‘settling the mind in its natural state’ and ‘Shamatha without a sign’ are notorious for catalysing karma. Alan defines ‘nyam’ and obstacles. Alan states Dudjom Lingpa’s two approaches to nyam arising - to reify or to not grasp, and to use whatever understanding you have of emptiness.

Alan then gives commentary to the line in Atisha’s text ‘Between sessions act as illusory being’.

Alan talks on the impure and the pure illusory bodies. He then goes on to discuss Vajrayana practices of stage of generation and completion - the developmental approach, and the Dzogchen approach. One says you have Buddha nature, the other you are Buddha nature.

Alan describes what to rely on in your practice (what to take refuge in).

In between sessions act as if you are in a lucid dream. Dzogchen approach ‘all things appear, but are non-existent’. This is a dream. A radical shift in perspective.

Meditation starts at: 00:31

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