32 Tong Len Practice and commentary

20 Sep 2013

The session continues with the practice of Tong Len. Before the meditation, Dr. Wallace talks about related issues, such as the meaning of intent to other people with compassion and loving-kindness; does it affect the people we attend to?
After the guided meditation, Dr. Wallace addresses on the topic of compassion. In Psychology, compassion is regarded as an emotion, whereas in Buddhism it is an aspiration. He explains the difference between compassion and empathetic sadness. The question is raised on what comes from empathetic sadness: a) more sadness and despair, b) punishment/malice, or c) compassion.
It is emphasized that compassion is an aspiration venturing into the realm of possibilities. A sign that the cultivation of compassion is working is when any impulse for cruelty is subsiding.
Finally, a nice anecdote taking place in the surroundings of Dharamsala.

Meditation starts at: 27:26 min

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