40 Tong Len Meditation and third point of Atisha's seven point mind training

25 Sep 2013

Straight into Tong Len meditation.

Begin on the 3rd point of Atisha’s 7 point mind training.

A story about Dontonpa - ‘give up all attachment to this life, and make you mind Dharma’.

From the text ‘When the physical world and its sentient inhabitants are enslaved by vices, transform adversities into the path of spiritual awakening’. See adversity as fruition of past karma. Personal story about Tibetan refugee.

Geshe Chen-ngawa: If you have the will to practice in the face of physical and mental suffering, they become blessings from the objects of refuge; so apply all suffering to the two types of Bodhicitta. Something to cultivate with sincere, dedicated practice like His Holiness Dalai Lama.

The true enemies are self centredness and self grasping. Once identified they can be overcome. A strategy to overcome self centredness - not following the 8 mundane concerns (includes pursuit of wealth, power and fame).

Alan poses a question - Can we trust that their is some power in the universe that will bring us what we need if we don’t grasp after it with self cherishing?

The arhart the commits suicide as mentioned yesterday, do they have self centredness?

How does one display rainbow body?

Meditation starts at: 00:35

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