42 Tong Len Meditation and Self Centeredness

26 Sep 2013

Straight into meditation and then unpacking “Blame everything on one culprit” aphorism from the seven point mind training.

Here the one culprit is self grasping. There are two reasons we suffer, self cherishing and self centeredness (sometimes translated as self cherishing). Although we may overcome self grasping, self centeredness may come into one’s spiritual practice. The developmental approach to overcoming self centeredness is through being selective about which qualities of mind to cultivate and which to reject (not just foolishly accepting it all). Another approach, such as in settling the mind in its natural state, where we sustain an ongoing intelligent, discerning and alert flow of mindfulness and, not applying antidotes, thoughts release themselves.

So Lama Atisha is calling for a deepening of introspection beyond what we use in Shamatha (to detect laxity and excitement) to note when the impulse arises “me first”. Observe, recognise and investigate the toxicity of this impulse, and not to act on it.

Alan also answers a question on whether or not to continue an unhealthy relationship and how this relates to loving kindness and compassion.

Meditation starts at: immediately

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