01 Oct 2013

Alan starts the session by describing his first interview with His Holiness on the topic of pride in one’s dharma knowledge.

Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche presented three approaches to learning and practicing dharma. The first is to study a great deal like eating a banquet. The second is to really focus on a few texts and the third is to receive quintessential teachings from a qualified lama. All of them fill you up.

You can come to meditation by way of the view or come to the view by way of the meditation.

The Three spaces meditation – First rest awareness in outer space, then rest in inner space and then rest in the non-duality of inner and outer space.

By meditating on delusive appearance as the four Kayas, emptiness is the unsurpassed protection. Alan provides an explanation of this statement.

Meditation starts at: 16:34

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