52 Seven Point Mind Training - four kayas and meditation on inner and outer space of mind

02 Oct 2013

Line from Seven Point Mind Training - ‘By meditating on delusive appearances as the four kayas, emptiness is the unsurpassed protection’.

Alan gives an analogy of lucid dreaming and the ‘waking state’ to refer to the way inner and outer space is perceived and how they can be non-dual.

Alan explains how to transmute equally all that comes up, whether we are in a spa or if people treat us badly. It is easy to practice Dharama in the ‘spa’ but you know how you are doing (with your practice) when you come up against difficulties.

Alan quotes from a Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life - ‘There is nothing that does not become easier with familiarisation’. Start by giving special attention to the small things that irritate you and release all resistance and let it be. Then you can work up to bigger irritations.

You can view enemies, illness and mental afflictions as opportunities for growth.

Qu: Metaphor of an arhart and a Buddha in the context of a lucid dream.

Qu: Regarding awareness of awareness practice and the role of discrimination and free will.

Qu: Regarding where mental afflictions come from.

Meditation starts at: 21:02

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