64 Ultimate and Relative Bodhicitta meditation and the 'power of prayer' from the text

09 Oct 2013

Silent meditation on relative and ultimate Bodhicitta (not recorded) at 6:08.

Fourth point of the text ‘To synthesise the essence of this practical guidance, apply yourself to the five powers’, the last of which is the power of prayer.

Alan discusses the last 150 years of the ‘dark age’ of scientific materialism. This is the view of the 21st century that is important to understand to relate to the world in which we live.

Much of science hinges on the causality being closed, and the conservation of energy principle. Modern physics has demonstrated that it is not closed and is regularly violated. It is therefore possible for non-physical influence. This principle hasn’t carried over to other sciences.

Alan discusses the expansion of the universe (energy) and the orderly nature of the universe (matter). 96% of mass and energy is unaccounted for in science - dark matter/ energy.

Alan discusses the placebo effect which is basically - if you believe it, it will happen. Part information and part causal efficacy.

Alan discusses how scientist don’t believe in anything until there is sufficient evidence - the current view. Alan demonstrates how scientific greats of the past did not hold this view.

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