66 Ultimate and Relative Bodhicitta meditation and scientific evidence

10 Oct 2013

Silent meditation session and then a continuation of yesterday’s theme related to the ‘power of prayer’. “We don’t believe in anything without sufficient evidence”. That’s the creed of scientists and so called skeptics alike, but in practice they don’t follow it. Newton believed he could find the philosopher’s stone, Miller believed he could create life from inorganic compounds and neuroscientists believe that the mind is the brain. What is merely belief is presented as evidence with great authority. But what is evidence? Look closely at the groups that claim to hold evidence as their guiding principal and what is seen is a definition which completely rejects the experience of those outside the narrow trench of power, prestige and wealth they continue to occupy and deepen. It is to say, you as a non-scientist don’t count and we will tell you what counts. A complete disregard for subjective experience. We see this in philosophers, religious scholars, psychologists, astronomers, neuroscientists, these people are dominating academia, the media, the government, it is catastrophic. If this view continues, as Max Planck has said, "after its victory not only all the most precious treasures of our culture would vanish, but – which is even worse – also any prospects at a better future.”

Meditation starts at: A silent meditation session, not recorded. Starts at 00:50

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