69 Settling the mind in its natural state

12 Oct 2013

This morning we start with the last session in the second cycle of settling the mind in its natural state. Alan gives a short preamble before we go into a silent meditation emphasizing the utter simplicity of the practice and its very nature of presence and stillness. Alan also talks about how this stillness and presence can be applied to a more engaged way of living once we come out of the retreat. After the meditation, we go onto discussing the post-meditative effects of achieving Shamatha, from its impact on one’s mind, body, and prana to its enabling one to enter the path of Vipassana and other higher realizations. Alan stresses that achieving Shamatha creates a deep state shift in once’s body-mind (shift in the entire way of being), which is a state of profound well-being and functionality.

Meditation starts at: 8:23 (silent, not recorded)

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