78 Ultimate and Relative Bodichitta and the sixth point from Seven Point Mind Training

17 Oct 2013

The two bodhicittas may seem incompatible, if there is not someone really there, then how to feel compassion? From the other side, when seeing someone in anguish, it seems so real. This is falling to the extremes of nihilism and substantialism, as we deepen the practice the two enhance each other. From ultimate bodhicitta, we realise the lack of inherent nature, so self centeredness seems silly. From conventional bodhicitta, always attending to others, we come to see that we only arise in dependence on others, this is not just a play on words but literally true.

Post meditation: The sixth point of the mind training text, now focusing on lifestyle- the pledges you are making to yourself in order to guard, nurture and sustain the core: ultimate and relative bodhicitta, because that is what will liberate you. This is where prospective mindfulness comes in - bearing something in mind. ‘Always practice the three principles’.

Meditation starts at: 35.05 (silent, front loaded at start of session)

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