80 Shamatha Without a Sign, Lucid Dreaming and The Pledges of the Seven Point Mind Training

18 Oct 2013

The session starts with a silent meditation on the two Bodhichittas. After the meditation, Alan talks about ultimate and relative bodhichitta and their connection.
Next, we go to the subject of lucid dreaming: 1) waking induced lucid dream, 2) dreaming induced lucid dream, and 3) state check and prospective memory/mindfulness.
Then the Lojong is further discussed: the pledges of the mind training. Alan comments on the aphorisms “Do not speak of others’ limitations” and “Do not stand in judgement of others”. In the context of the latter aphorism, the guru-disciple relation is also paid attention to.
Finally, some nice stories you don’t want to miss!

Meditation starts at: silent meditation, not recorded

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