84 The Practices of Seven Point Mind Training

21 Oct 2013

Tonight the meditation is front loaded by looking at two ways we can view the adversity that will no doubt effect us and those we see as belonging to us. Firstly, non lucidly with relative bodhichitta which still has an element of self centeredness, or secondly with ultimate bodhichitta, the view from the bardo, from emptiness or from rigpa.

After the meditation we move on to the practices of Seven Point Mind Training which look at the constructive things we can do to support our ongoing dharma practice. Here Alan focuses particularly on the practice of setting a motivation of Bodhichitta and dedicating.


How can we help some one in the throws of anger?

Do we have to believe every sentient being has been our mother to practice Bodhichitta?

Clarification about the practice of Merging Mind With Space.

Meditation starts at: 19:40 (silent, not recorded)

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