88 Ultimate and Relative Bodhicitta Meditation and the Seventh Point from Seven Point Mind Training

23 Oct 2013

From the seventh point of Atisha’s mind training: ‘Adopt the three principle causes’

These causes are:
1. Following a qualified mentor
- Alan told the story of the first person to encounter the Buddha.
- Alan taught that we should see through the person and not reify them (or ourselves). Seeing all teachers equally whether it be as a emissary of the Budhha, like a Buddha or as a Buddha.
- If there is one with an inner heart connection, a root guru, see that guru in the centre and other teachers as emanations of that one.

2. Devoting ourselves to all stages of the practice
- Have a panoramic vision of all the teachings but focus primarily where you have traction.

3. Cultivate the outer and inner conditions for fruitful practice.
- One of our greatest freedoms is to choose our environment
- Inner conditions are the 5 faculties that when cultivated and developed become the 5 powers.

Meditation started immediately with no ‘front loading’

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