12 Aug 2015

The session begins with the meditation on the Avalokitesvara sadhana, taken from pp.52-53 of the text.

Alan starts on the theme that visualisation meditation is mostly a right brain practice but to engage in stage of generation practice we also need wisdom. We begin with the emptiness of self and extend to an understanding that the universe itself lacks inherent existence. The practice is counter to the scientific worldview which ignores the role of consciousness. Alan explains the Buddhist worldview of myriad worlds that arise from karma. The three main ways that karma manifests is outlined which leads to a more complete understanding of the universe with the role of the mind included. Using this as a working hypothesis, those following the bodhisattva path experience the world becoming progressively purer. With the sadhana we are encouraged to imagine the practice from the perspective of an enlightened being and not from the perspective of a sentient being. As we are in the dark degenerate times, we need to take this pure vision perspective if we are to be transformed.

The meditation starts at 1:53

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