14 Aug 2015

We have been focusing on the mental events that arise in the mind, now is the time to focus on the space of the mind. Take a special interest in the space between mental events. Alan discusses the difference between an affirming negation and a non-affirming negation. He asks us to look at the space of the mind and determine which it is. During the meditation, Alan asks a number of questions about the space of the mind, color, shape, size etc. He asks us not to think about it intellectually but to look directly at our experience of the mind.

Meditation is on Settling the Mind in its Natural State with and emphasis on the space.

After the meditation, Alan says that Dudjom Rinpoche was said to always be resting his awareness in space, even while in the shopping mall. Because appearances seem to be coming from their own side, we reify them. It is easier to see the space in between appearances as coming from the space of the mind, so rest there.

The meditation starts at 21:25

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