28 Aug 2015

Alan starts the session with humorous comments regarding the emptiness of the names for groups of kangaroos.

The meditation is on cultivating empathetic joy and gratitude by remembering the kindness others have given you across your life. How can we repay this kindness?

After the meditation, Alan quotes Shantideva. Whoever Shantideva encountered, strangers, enemies, non-human sentient beings; he thought, it is in dependence upon you that I am able to practice dharma. In order to become a Buddha, we must transmute every experience into dharma, including experiences in which we have been treated very badly. Alan tells the story of a Tibetan aristocrat from whom he received teachings on the Seven Point Mind Training. This individual lost everything when fleeing Tibet, and yet he felt gratitude toward the Chinese because they forced him in to exile which empowered him to put the dharma teachings into practice.

The meditation starts at 12:45.

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