02 Sep 2015

Alan introduces the meditation with a quote from “Self and Non Self in Early Buddhism” by Pérez-Remón. This highlights Buddha’s teaching on becoming and non-becoming which are seen as the extremes of attachment and annihilation. By letting go of both we see the Real. In the bodhisattva path, the extremes of samsara and nirvana are abandoned and the result is non-abiding nirvana. Alan then discussed the Dzogchen perspective, where from the view of rigpa, there is equal purity in seeing samsara and nirvana as non-dual. However, from each sentient being’s perspective the world is dualistic and this is the basis for cultivating Great Equanimity.

Meditation is on Great Equanimity.

After the meditation, Alan talks briefly about the internal and external pathways in vispashyana and Dzogchen practices which both lead to realisations of non-duality.

Meditation starts at 29:55

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