04 Sep 2015

Now that we have made a pledge, a promise to sentient beings to lead them to enlightenment, we need to come up with a plan for how to do so. It really is not practical until you are a Buddha. You must achieve enlightenment to carry through with this promise. If you wake up every morning with that resolve to achieve Buddhahood for the sake of all beings, that intention sets you on a trajectory so that each lifetime moves closer to fulfilling that intention. The most important thing is continuity and Bodhicitta and dedication of merit are the tie that binds.

The meditation is a recitation of verses from Shantideva leading to the taking of the Bodhicitta vow.

After the meditation is a brief discussion of the Dzogchen view. Release into the perspective that you already are a Buddha as quickly as possible. If you are grasping to yourself as a sentient being, even nominally, than you don’t have the Dzogchen view.

The meditation starts at 31:39

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