63 Returning to the Vision Quest & Empowerment Announcement!

05 Sep 2015

Alan begins by mentioning that the teachings offered here are given within the context of Vajrayana, and specifically of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. To get the greatest possible benefit from them, it is most valuable to dissolve all ordinary appearances (of oneself, the teacher, everything) into emptiness and out of emptiness create a sacred space, arise with divine pride, with pure vision of the teacher, etc. Alan also makes some comments on the practices of refuge, bodhicitta and the Seven-line prayer to Padmasambhava. He says that if you are intuitively drawn to Dzogchen, the Seven-line prayer can bring tremendous blessings. Within Dzogchen there are many lineages. In the short lineage starting with Dudjom Lingpa, this great master had teachings from the speech manifestation of Padmasambhava, the Lake-born Vajra (Saroruha Vajra in sanskrit). Alan then makes a wonderful announcement: he now feels it is time to grant the empowerment he has been requested on different occasions. He has the permission from Gyatrul Rinpoche to grant it, and the disciples have come together to sincerely request it. So all the auspicious circumstances are coming together. Now we go back to the vision quest within the four immeasurables. These questions invite us to be visionary. Alan then recalls a meeting he had with HH the Dalai Lama, in which His Holiness commented that “The greater opportunities, education, learning you have, the more responsibilities you have.” And then Alan comments: “Drawing on those, what can I offer?”

The meditation is on the Vision Quest.

After meditation, Alan announces that the empowerment will be available to anyone who wishes to receive it, and has faith. It will be streamed live on Sunday 13th September at 4pm (Australian Eastern Time, AEST).

The meditation starts at 17:27

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