05 Sep 2015

Alan begins by commenting that we may need an exorcist to protect us, since our mind is a bad neighbourhood. He then quoted a citation from a text by Dudjom Rinpoche: “For other dharmas, the main practice is considered to be profound, but here we consider the preliminary practices to be profound.” He then discusses the four yogas of Mahamudra, the five paths according to sutrayana, and then he explains how Vajrayana is the swift path, thanks to the practices of guru yoga, divine pride, pure vision & shamatha without a support. But for this to function, he adds, we must drop our baggage, our stories (good or bad), our resentments towards other people. We need to dissolve our ordinary sense of self into emptiness. If we want to follow this path, practice as Guru Rinpoche, Avalokiteshvara, and then three countless eons can be collapsed into even just a few years. Alan also explained some points about meditation on the nature of mind drawing from Yangthang Rinpoche’s teachings on the text “The Flight of the Garuda.”

The meditation is on fathoming the empty and luminous nature of the mind.

The meditation starts at 1:04:13

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