66 Shamatha Without A Sign. Significance of Links of Dependent Origination and of Modern Cosmology

07 Sep 2015

Alan says this evening we will continue this morning’s meditation practice on caring in Loving Kindness by going further than the connate and affective biological constraints to now cognitively and attentionally expand the field of awareness. He notes that the Buddhist worldview is that consciousness is coextensive with caring. Alan conveys the oral transmission in Padmasambhava’s “The Natural Liberation of Conscious Awareness” regarding the meditation method of shamatha without a sign by alternating the focus and relaxation of conscious attention while sequentially extending the awareness outwards in each direction within the space of the mind.

Alan then addresses questions raised by students during interviews concerning if we already possess Buddhahood within, then why don’t we know that and why wouldn’t we have already experienced Dharmadatu given our countless previous lifetimes. Alan provides a high density teaching on the first five Dependent Originations in his response to this question which brings us into the nature of the present moment of awareness. [Impossible to summarise - listen to the podcast!]. Alan concludes with some quotes from modern cosmologists and the need for physics to include the role of Consciousness.

The meditation is Shamatha Without a Sign on expanding the field of conscious attention.

The meditation starts at 15:07.

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