74 Dzogchen Meditation, the Five Facets of Primordial Consciousness and How Does the Stream of Consciousness carry information (karmic seeds)

11 Sep 2015

Alan starts with a discussion of the present moment. The word present means nothing without something before and after. As you are descending into the substrate you are in the present moment. Invert your awareness in upon itself and may realize the emptiness of the present moment and cut through to viewing reality from Rigpa and the fourth time. The meditation starts with awareness of awareness, looks at the observer and then just rest without doing anything. After the meditation, Alan starts at the bottom of page 115 in the text or location 1445 on a Kindle. He describes each of the five poisons, and the corresponding Buddha, facet of pristine awareness, chakra and colour. Alan proposes that each facet of primordial consciousness is the built-in remedy for each poison. Is semantic information preserved? Alan gives a quote from Freud that says mental information is always preserved. He discusses one of the laws of karma that if a karmic seed is not purified it does not go away. He discusses the research of Ian Stevenson regarding children with past life recall and the incidence of birthmarks related to the previous cause of death. He asks the question of how does the stream of consciousness carry information. Using references from the Kalachakra Tantra, Dzogchen and computer technology, he proposes an answer to that question.

The meditation starts at 07:52

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