18 Sep 2015

Alan starts by talking about renunciation. Without the experience of suffering and mental afflictions, we wouldn’t develop renunciation or Bodhicitta. Stemming from the four greats, Bodhicitta is the intention to lead all sentient beings to liberation. This is the Buddhist higher calling and only makes sense when it comes from your own Buddha nature. Alan talks about tonglen and how even now that practice can have a very real effect on others.

Each of us is unique. Each Buddha has the same realization but brings a unique expression. It is not too early to begin making your plan including short-term, medium and long-term vision. Alan discusses the four principle paths of knowledge; healing, intelligence, creation and sound. Dharmakaya is the fountain at the center which flows out to these four fountains and they in turn bring you to the center.

Alan does not provide a guided meditation but asks each of us to envision our unique path throughout the day.

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