22 Sep 2015

Alan starts with a metaphor from the Pali Canon describing how, in the last month of the hot season when the dust is swirling, a great rain cloud comes and settles the dust just as the peaceful and sublime state of Samadhi disperses and quells unwholesome states of mind.

He reminds us that it’s easy to think that when we venture into Vajrayana that we’re at a higher elevation than the teachings in the Pali canon, like the most common teaching on mindfulness of the breath. Dudjom Lingpa in the Sharp Vajra of Conscious Awareness Tantra also reminds us at the very end of the text that whether or not people have identified their primordial nature, whose who become muddled due to excitation and lethargy should mount their discursive mind on their breath ... and eventually all coarse and subtle thoughts will be purified. So it’s back to the beginning!

Meditation is silent mindfulness of breath.

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